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1 NEPHI 15:24 

Never Let Go & Never Give Up.


Are You Speeding…Spiritually

I pray to feel the spirit more, but feel like I’m not getting any answers or guidance from heaven. ( Have you ever felt like this? )

When we learn about the “Plan of Salvation” we know that we came to earth to get a body and be tested. We would be provided a Savior and He would make it possible for us to return with him. It’s a simple concept and easy for most of us to understand. When we loose sight of the plain and simple truths, its easy to get off track.

The the inspiration for this post came to me as I was hustling to a work meeting, I was driving at a pace that made me often look down at my speedometer and match that speed up with the speed limit signs on the side of the road.

How often are we wanting to feel the spirit, have it teach us or guide us for inspiration, yet we are speeding? We speed through our scripture study, after a quick prayer we jump into bed, or go about our day in such a rush, we miss opportunities to open the door for someone or smile and give a compliment to others.

The spirit is able to touch our hearts, teach us and guide us when we are in a position to hear the still small voice. The adversary wants to prick your hear. Keep it protected and have the spirit with you through out your day.

Take a challenge:

  • Make your next prayer more meaningful ( vocally )
  • Smile at 10 people
  • Txt a friend and let them know what makes them awesome

Its my hope that next time you pass a speed limit sign or find yourself speeding, you will not just think about getting a ticket but you will use it as a reminder to slow down and spend more time getting to know  the Savior more.